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Anatomy of an Encyclopedia: Alexander Korzer-Robinson’s Book Art

July 26, 2010

(The Fantastic Encyclopaedia – Volume 2, Cut Book 3D Collage, 25 cm x 18 cm x 6.5 cm)

We’ve highlighted our fair share of book art here at ReadyMade, but when I saw this I just couldn’t ignore it. Alexander Korzer-Robinson’s pieces keep the encyclopedia volume (relatively) intact—he goes through page by page, cutting around illustrations. He leaves some in, removes others, and by doing so creates a diorama-like piece from books that no longer serve an academic purpose. Plus, it looks really cool.

From Korzer-Robinson’s artist statement:

As we remember the books from our own past, certain fragments remain with us while others fade away over time – phrases and passages, mental images we created, the way the stories made us feel and the thoughts they inspired. In our memory we create a new narrative out of those fragments, sometimes moving far away from the original content. This is, in fact, the same way we remember our life – an ever changing narrative formed out of fragments. This mostly subconscious process of value judgments and coincidence is what interests me as an artist and as a psychologist.

Currently showing at StolenSpace Gallery in London through July 25th.

[via Wooster CollectiveReadyMade ]

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