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November 18, 2009


Sometimes there are images that I get stuck in my head for days, weeks or months. And then there are those images that get stuck in my head for years. One of those images is from Madonna’s Express Yourselfvideo. That’s the video where she’s dancing in a suit, and chained up in a bed and there’s a cute black kitty and there’s this sexy dude, working shirtless in the factories below ground and she sends the cat to get him or something and then she’s like, “Come over here, you big oily man and  make me dirty. Express what you’ve got, baby ready or not!” And you know, where she’s under the table, and she’s all wet, wearing a tight black catsuit and crawling on all fours towards a bowl of milk? Yeah, I don’t know why, but that image is just one of those things I’ve remembered for a long time.


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