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August 6, 2009

I sort of hate myself for posting a picture from lastnightsparty….because it’s usually the home of empty-brained narcissism, that hyper aware sense of physical self with absolutely no corresponding true self-awareness. Everyone’s dead behind the eyes, mouths hanging open for no reason. Two girls licking each other so the photographer will take another picture of them in their Bing Bang bracelets and AA triangle bras. It’s kind of painful to look at, in the same way it hurts to think of certain vulnerable high school/college moments when you thought you were being cool but really you were just being desperate and transparent, and all the friends you loved and wanted to impress were there to see it.  

But maybe that’s too harsh. I do think the photographers featured there are better than their subject matter.
Nightmare Brunette
One of my favorite blogs to read. 

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