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i like what he has to say.

March 19, 2009

My other inclination is to think of fine art party photographers, and so many other photographers in general, as glamorized graphic designers. They have found a visual aesthetic and are all combating each other to find who can hone it to a T. Graphic designers glamorize the mundane, rendering what is otherwise visually boring sleek and chic. What is more boring than life itself? If you can make your life interesting you are the best of visual liars, the best of graphic designers. Their allegiance to refining this aesthetic invented by Larry Clark and Nan Goldin is exhibited in everything from their arch-conservative ideas on what cameras are acceptable depicters to recycling the visual conventions that made those before them original. Like a group of designers bickering over Helvetica serifs, they cling to their Yashica Ts and Contaxs as though the cameras themselves were the link between their mind and great art production. If that’s not modernism I don’t know what is. Using recycled visual conventions and devices to show the singularity of your life is a contradictory effort destined to yield dismally similar results.
Brad Troemel (via leightsy)

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