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what was your first job?

February 27, 2009

At age 14, shortly after teaching myself HTML from one of those despicable 800-page tomes with a title like Learn Such-and-Such In a Week!, a balding hippie selling African drums and World Music CDs out of the back of his van paid me $12/hr to make him a web site. He insisted I use Comic Sans. I inner-beveled the fuck out of everything.

Much later, I spent a summer doing more honest work in a screen-printing shop. I watched MTV as I pulled ink for eight hours a day. The owner (and only other employee) would occasionally come in and describe all the awesome times he had back when he was a stoner and didn’t have a wife and kids. I made t-shirts and sweatshirts for my friends. It was awesome.
(meme via jstn, syntheticpubes)

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