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February 20, 2009

The new rise in photographic modernism can be blamed on the two largest motivators for the human race—laziness and fear as inspired through the Internet. The Internet has provided a generation of photographers comfort in being able to find a “version” of themselves all around America; some other 20 year old undergraduate in another major city, going to another major art school, going to similar parties with people who dress similarly. Seeing “you” elsewhere gives you comfort that you aren’t alone, that your art instincts are good and natural because people you don’t even know are doing the same thing. Attention can be comforting, and with so many opportunities to gain fame through organizational websites like Flickr or Fjord, it causes fear of trying something new. The Internet is a passive platform. You can use it to find one thing infinitely or infinite things infinitely. I’m disappointed so much of my generation has decided to look at one thing infinitely—themselves.
Brad Troemel  
(via syntheticpudes

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